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Name: Killua Zoldyck
Canon: Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Assumed Canon Point: S1, ep 3
True Canon Point: S4; ep 11

History: As seen here!!
Personality: On the surface, Killua looks like just your average young boy who doesn't seem like much with his small stature and unassuming appearance. See, this works in his favor as he's from a revered family of assassins, and his whole life has revolved around this; his family bringing him up to inherit the family business but Killua wants nothing to do with that. He's more interested in actually making friends than he actually is in killing people but it's somewhat buried underneath his now-natural instincts to kill.

The appearance he gives off is that he's laid back, chill and just seems to take everything rather easily without blinking. A guy punches him, knocks him off his feet and he just gets up with his hands still in his pockets and handles the situation with ease. He's incredibly sharp-witted and picks up on things such as if anyone's watching him, and how to get them off his trail in any way possible. In actuality he's still a kid and he does have his limits but it doesn't stop him due to who he is and what his home life was like, seeing as he'd run away from home as he didn't like it there and wanted to experience something different; something NOT assassination related. Killua does not trust people easily until they give him a reason to, and his instincts are sharp as a knife, honed from childhood and proven when he was given a chance to kill someone early on in the series and in the course of a split second? He managed to rip a man's still beating heart out from his chest and put it in a cloth sack before the man in question even realized that something was wrong.

Sometimes he can come off as quick-tempered, and a little hot-headed to where people wonder if he fears anything but in all actuality?? He does. His brother has shown that Killua fears losing himself to his assassin side and becoming what his family wants him to be, when in reality it's not. It's notable that once he makes friends he likes, the first instinct is to protect them, to where he will threaten to KILL the one who poses any danger to said friends. Especially Gon Freecs who he's practically at the side of almost constantly.

Killua has realized how important Gon is to him and enjoys his friendship with him, and together they can truly act like kids in this dark world. Gon brings out his childish nature, such as them playfighting, poking and prodding at Gon teasingly where he can but it doesn't stop him from chastising the other whenever he does or says something incredibly embarrassing. He enjoys his time around him, but it's not just around Gon - his most important friend - that his childish nature rears it's head, as it's been proven just how much he can be when tied in with his immature, manipulative behaviour. Such as how he can easily call to make a deal with his brother Milluki about something, and threatening him that if he backs out or tries to get out of it that he'll go and break his figures (most prized possessions) and his brother knows he'll do it too. Consider this a kid who knows how to get what he wants, though most of the time he'll just be cheeky about it in some fashion but it's not like he won't take a situation seriously as he can be quite the critical and skeptical thinker at the best of times.

He's been known to be regarded as dangerous and when he says to 'keep your word' he'll hold you to it. One guy went back on this, trying to get his way and fight Gon at one point in the story and he went about holding the guy at knifepoint threatening to kill him if he so much as showed his face to either him or Gon again, and can be essentially boiled down to that being an assassin has left him with a lot of anger, possessive loyalty of his friends and skills that can put fear within grown men.

Not that it means he's cold hearted or anything, however.

Every day with Gon and his friends means he can smile and push on, and happens to be a really kind person underneath everything else. He tried to befriend a bodyguard his parents once ordered to protect him and the family, and it's relatively easy to get along with him; especially if sweets are involved. Kid's got a sweet tooth to reckon with and had once spent QUITE a sum of money to actually keep this borderline addiction going at one point.

Another point of interest is noting that Killua likes to be blunt with his words, having no qualms insulting someone by calling them a 'old hag' when it's clearly a sensitive subject or referring to Gon as an idiot from time to time. He speaks things as it is, and doesn't mince words while viewing everything in the world from a critical standpoint so he can judge how to act and what may be the smartest way to go. While he may be level-headed and aloof, he can't take it if someone starts to call him a 'brat' or 'kid' which sparks his childish anger and he turns moody over it. It's important to note that overall while he's an assassin who can murder grown men in the matter of an instant, he's also still a kid who wants to make friends and has his own insecurities, along with the desire to better himself. He even decides at one point that no, he's no longer going to be an assassin but a Hunter; like Gon.

While he can laugh and smile now, it's safe to say he fears that one day he won't be able to do this again or that he'll lose the good things in his life so he wants to protect them. Keep them safe. He's a death-dealer but seems to be wary and possibly fears death himself and why he tends to keep most people at a distance unless he fully trusts them 100%, and knows how to 'sleep with one eye open' as the saying may go.


Physiology: Due to the rigorous tortures his family has put him through since he was quite a young child, Killua's body is resistant to poisons/drugs and they do not affect him. Same goes with that he's pretty durable and electricity will have little effect on him as well. These are not special powers but just a part of who he is.
Motives: Coming from a family of assassins and raised from a VERY young age to be adept in the art of death itself, Killua is very well acquainted with dealing death to others, but he's tried to put this behind him. However!! If someone were to mention Gon Freecs and declare a threat on his life? THAT would be enough to push him to kill. Gon is his B E S T friend and he'll do anything to keep him alive. Same went if someone made to seriously attack him with the intent to kill, he'd likely return the favor without much question.


Fabricator Consideration: N/A


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